Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Zest for Life

By five months old she was crawling all over the place, and by nine months she was walking throughout the house.  The little daredevil in her was fearless most of the time.  She would grin ear to ear while jumping off couches, doing somersaults from the ottoman and even riding her rocking horse without hands.  It was very rare not to see that girl smiling ear to ear, laughing and giggling.  She was always up and on the go, wanting to wrestle, even opponents five times her size.  She loved to go to the park and spend hours going down the slides.  She would run and jump around the house, playing hide-and-seek and cooking.  She loved music and dancing, but she always wanted a partner to dance with....it was impossible to say no to her. She also loved bike rides, water and swimming.

For Christmas we got a treadmill.  Once day Elyse walked in the room and saw me running, from that moment on she was constantly wanting on the treadmill.  She loved to run to her room, grab her shoes and come running back to get on the treadmill.  She was not satisfied with just walking on it, she wanted to go fast.  It was so fun to watch her holding Ben's hands up on the treadmill, laughing hysterically with her little legs running as fast as they could.  She was always up for trying something new, anything that gave her a thrill!
She was too consumed with all the family around her watching that we didn't get her laughter on video

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