Monday, August 1, 2016


What was a typical Sunday with Elyse?  Elyse was a little mischievous, especially on Sunday's.  She loved to see how far she could go before she crossed the line.  As soon as she had her bread and water she was ready to be up and going, before I knew it she would be crawling under pews and climbing up to sit with other families.  As I would notice she would be looking at me with the twinkle in her eye busting up laughing.  This of course would earn her a nice time out but every once in awhile she would excel at running out of hands reach.  One Sunday she managed to run to the front of the chapel and around to the other side thinking she was just hilarious, I of course was horrified.  We quickly learned that she was wanting to join the other kids in the gym so we came up with a new plan of action.  Instead of being rewarded by playing out in the gym she would sit in a quiet room in our lap.  Needless to say she did not enjoy this!  Elyse was intelligent and quickly thought of a way to get out of this time out.  She'd sit on our lap blowing her nose as hard as she could until finally snot would start running down to the point of needing a kleenex.  As we would head to the bathroom to clean up that face of hers she would be smiling ear to ear with the look of victory.  Although Sunday's were a struggle during Sacrament nursery was great. She was not a shy girl and was so easy to drop off.  I would take her to nursery and as the other kids cried for their parents to stay Elyse was literally pushing me out the door saying "bye".  It was nice to know how much she adored her teachers and the other children in her class.  It was so fun to sit and watch her play in there.  Her favorite toy was the slide.  I miss those Sunday's!

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