Monday, August 1, 2016

Miss Independent

With her adult-like attitude, she knew what she wanted and how to try to get it, such as saying, "I want this.  I need this." or "Peassse."  However, before asking, she would always try to do it herself.  Sometimes, Elyse would try so hard to open something she really wanted, such as a water bottle or snack that her little arms and body would start to shake from trying so hard.  Likewise, she wanted to pour her own drinks, thought she could wash her own hair and even wanted to blow her own nose.  When at grandma and grandpas Turner's house she would go into their bathroom and climb up on the toilet in order to reach the Kleenex.  She would then proceed with blowing her nose, getting down, going across the hall to throw it away just to run back to get a new tissue.  In no time at all, Elyse could go through a box of Kleenex.  When she found herself needing help she was always very polite saying "Thank you" for everything. 

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