Monday, August 1, 2016

Ice Ice Baby

While living at Alpine we had an ancient green fridge that crushed the ice almost to perfection.  Elyse was not tall enough to reach the handle to push down releasing the ice but she would try to find ways.  If someone was filing a cup full of ice and water she would be standing by like a little puppy waiting for the ice to fall to the floor.  We would offer her ice in a cup to chew on but she would always want the ice put on the floor, silly girl!

In the winter of 2010 Elyse discovered snow.  There was a large white plastic cup she would grab along with a spoon and she would run to the front door with them in hand saying "ice ice".  She loved to go outside filling the cup up with snow and then come running back inside to eat it.  The snow melted fast that year, oh how disappointed she was when she insisted on going outside with her cup and spoon to get her 'ice' and there was no snow.

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