Monday, August 1, 2016

Caring, loving, compassionate and always eager to help others

She loved to help do the dishes, start the dishwasher, do laundry, clean everything and help pick veggies from the garden.  She wanted to assist in all we did.

Whether sad, sick or hurt she worried about others, giving pats on the back, hugs, kisses, or whatever was needed.  Ben cut his finger during work one day and needed to go receive stitches the following day.  Elyse was so concerned about him and what the doctor was doing.  She cried until the doctor was finally done and then gave Ben a big hug. 

Elyse got her worst bruise (and the first bruise on her face) as she was dancing around and fell on a sharp corner immediately bruising her eyebrow area.  I picked her up as she was crying and she then looked up noticing she had gotten snot on my shirt. Before she needed her kiss to make it all better she was concerned about me and ran to get a rag to clean my shirt.

Another example is when I had morning sickness during my pregnancy with Addalyn.  I couldn't hold anything down in the morning and was usually found in the bathroom leaning over the toilet.  Elyse was always there patting my back, getting me toilet paper and asking what I needed.  Nurturing came so natural to Elyse.

On any day she could be found waving, blowing kisses and saying "hi" to family, friends and even complete strangers.  She would repeat "happy happy" when trying to cheer someone up. 

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