Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Memories from Family and Friends

It was so funny when we went through the car wash and Elyse loved it at first when it was just the water spraying but when the soap and hardcore water started she wasn't so into it.  I will love and think about that little girl forever.
                                                                                                                  -Carly Wilson

My favorite memory was seeing Elyse wrestle her dad.  She had pretty good technique with her headlock.
                                                                                                                  -John Wilson

Memories of Elyse was the way she always wanted to learn new things.  She was also an adventurous little girl.  I got after Ben for throwing her in the air I told him someday you might miss the catch, but she loved it.  
                                                                                                                  -Great Grandma Wilson

When she came into a room everyone's eyes would be attracted to watch her - she was so adorable and active.  Elyse was so compassionate and Happy.
                                                                                                                  -Aunt Naomi

Our memory is of a very energetic little girls who liked to run away from her mom and dad during sacrament.
So beautiful and happy.
                                                                                                                  -The Parrish's

Elyse and Elizabeth  have played together since they were old enough to sit.  Elyse introduced Elizabeth to lipstick and running across the gym.  What else are friends for?
                                                                                                                   -Heidi Slade

Remember when you were foiling my hair at your house and Elyse brought me a tennis ball?  That girls was made of energy - she'd have me throw it and she'd go after it...again and again.
                                                                                                                   -Emily Daley

I loved how she'd smile at me and then immediately go for my shiny jewelry!  Elyse brought such joy to your whole family.  She had quite the sense of humor - can't believe how much she loved the Shantel thing up against the wall.
                                                                                                                    -Kathy P.

We will always remember Elyse's mischievous smile as she would turn to look at you right before she ran away with that come and get me look on her face.
                                                                                                                    - April Holt

Every basketball game we played - it was always great to look up on the stage and see one of our biggest fans with her adorable smile. 
                                                                                                                    -Scott Holt

The first time I met Elyse she was running around the airport, she was there with her grandpa for a missionary homecoming.  She was watching everything going on around her.  She was watching everything going on around her.  She sweetly and curiously watched Anna, and wanted to play.  She was a social little girl, busy as could be.  I liked to watch those beautiful brown eyes take in the work around her.
                                                                                                                     -Brittany Tew

A favorite memory of mine is that "make up" was much better to play with than any toy.
                                                                                                                     -Linda Smith

Elyse was always happy in nursery and could find something to keep her busy.  She loved the slide and fearlessly go down it head first.  She was also fascinated by the bubbles.  She reached for the container saying, "mom mom!"  Elyse made a valentine for mom and dad.  She took the glue stick and held it tight.  She wanted to do it all by herself.  Elyse is a strong, happy spirit!
                                                                                                                      -Christy Cox

When you and I were sitting at one of the coloring tables talking and Elyse was sitting next to me.  She was picking up the play phones and saying "hello, bye bye" and then out of nowhere she picks up her foot and uses her foot as a phone instead.  The funniest part was that she got a great kick out of it.  I'll never forget how happy she made me when I would come into work and she would run to me with a hug and of course a "hello".  Other great memories were if she were getting upset I could take her to the front desk to get a snack or just say hello and then she was the happy little baby we all  knew.  I loved getting to be the one who got to share my snacks with her. 
                                                                                                                      -Lindsey Baker

Elyse had an agenda when coming to nursery.  She knew what toys she was going to play with so rather than choosing a toy she discarded toys she did not need.  She was fearless of nothing and no one.  She'll go head down on the slide and she'll put every obstacle aside to do what she wanted to do.  She loved bubbles.  She had an a special twinkle in her eyes.  She loved nursery.  She was diligent to finish her crafts.  We love Elyse.  She was self-aware of how important she was.  Two Sunday's ago she arrived at nursery with her hair nicely done and color finger nails.  She was absolutely cute. 
                                                                                                                       -Xochitl Flores

Watching her go back and forth down the aisles at church between your spot and Emiline - they'd make faces at each other. 

Church will never be the same.  Every Sunday I looked to see who was the lucky one to hold Elyse.  (It was never me - the competition was too intense!)  As Elyse grew and learned to crawl and then walk she could only be held briefly; she had places to go, people to smile at.  What a unique impish smile.  I have found some measure of comfort as I have thought of Suzie enfolding Elyse...but even there I imagine she can't be held for long - too much of Heaven to see. 

Zest for Life

By five months old she was crawling all over the place, and by nine months she was walking throughout the house.  The little daredevil in her was fearless most of the time.  She would grin ear to ear while jumping off couches, doing somersaults from the ottoman and even riding her rocking horse without hands.  It was very rare not to see that girl smiling ear to ear, laughing and giggling.  She was always up and on the go, wanting to wrestle, even opponents five times her size.  She loved to go to the park and spend hours going down the slides.  She would run and jump around the house, playing hide-and-seek and cooking.  She loved music and dancing, but she always wanted a partner to dance with....it was impossible to say no to her. She also loved bike rides, water and swimming.

For Christmas we got a treadmill.  Once day Elyse walked in the room and saw me running, from that moment on she was constantly wanting on the treadmill.  She loved to run to her room, grab her shoes and come running back to get on the treadmill.  She was not satisfied with just walking on it, she wanted to go fast.  It was so fun to watch her holding Ben's hands up on the treadmill, laughing hysterically with her little legs running as fast as they could.  She was always up for trying something new, anything that gave her a thrill!
She was too consumed with all the family around her watching that we didn't get her laughter on video

Monday, August 1, 2016

Miss Independent

With her adult-like attitude, she knew what she wanted and how to try to get it, such as saying, "I want this.  I need this." or "Peassse."  However, before asking, she would always try to do it herself.  Sometimes, Elyse would try so hard to open something she really wanted, such as a water bottle or snack that her little arms and body would start to shake from trying so hard.  Likewise, she wanted to pour her own drinks, thought she could wash her own hair and even wanted to blow her own nose.  When at grandma and grandpas Turner's house she would go into their bathroom and climb up on the toilet in order to reach the Kleenex.  She would then proceed with blowing her nose, getting down, going across the hall to throw it away just to run back to get a new tissue.  In no time at all, Elyse could go through a box of Kleenex.  When she found herself needing help she was always very polite saying "Thank you" for everything. 

Caring, loving, compassionate and always eager to help others

She loved to help do the dishes, start the dishwasher, do laundry, clean everything and help pick veggies from the garden.  She wanted to assist in all we did.

Whether sad, sick or hurt she worried about others, giving pats on the back, hugs, kisses, or whatever was needed.  Ben cut his finger during work one day and needed to go receive stitches the following day.  Elyse was so concerned about him and what the doctor was doing.  She cried until the doctor was finally done and then gave Ben a big hug. 

Elyse got her worst bruise (and the first bruise on her face) as she was dancing around and fell on a sharp corner immediately bruising her eyebrow area.  I picked her up as she was crying and she then looked up noticing she had gotten snot on my shirt. Before she needed her kiss to make it all better she was concerned about me and ran to get a rag to clean my shirt.

Another example is when I had morning sickness during my pregnancy with Addalyn.  I couldn't hold anything down in the morning and was usually found in the bathroom leaning over the toilet.  Elyse was always there patting my back, getting me toilet paper and asking what I needed.  Nurturing came so natural to Elyse.

On any day she could be found waving, blowing kisses and saying "hi" to family, friends and even complete strangers.  She would repeat "happy happy" when trying to cheer someone up. 

Ice Ice Baby

While living at Alpine we had an ancient green fridge that crushed the ice almost to perfection.  Elyse was not tall enough to reach the handle to push down releasing the ice but she would try to find ways.  If someone was filing a cup full of ice and water she would be standing by like a little puppy waiting for the ice to fall to the floor.  We would offer her ice in a cup to chew on but she would always want the ice put on the floor, silly girl!

In the winter of 2010 Elyse discovered snow.  There was a large white plastic cup she would grab along with a spoon and she would run to the front door with them in hand saying "ice ice".  She loved to go outside filling the cup up with snow and then come running back inside to eat it.  The snow melted fast that year, oh how disappointed she was when she insisted on going outside with her cup and spoon to get her 'ice' and there was no snow.


What was a typical Sunday with Elyse?  Elyse was a little mischievous, especially on Sunday's.  She loved to see how far she could go before she crossed the line.  As soon as she had her bread and water she was ready to be up and going, before I knew it she would be crawling under pews and climbing up to sit with other families.  As I would notice she would be looking at me with the twinkle in her eye busting up laughing.  This of course would earn her a nice time out but every once in awhile she would excel at running out of hands reach.  One Sunday she managed to run to the front of the chapel and around to the other side thinking she was just hilarious, I of course was horrified.  We quickly learned that she was wanting to join the other kids in the gym so we came up with a new plan of action.  Instead of being rewarded by playing out in the gym she would sit in a quiet room in our lap.  Needless to say she did not enjoy this!  Elyse was intelligent and quickly thought of a way to get out of this time out.  She'd sit on our lap blowing her nose as hard as she could until finally snot would start running down to the point of needing a kleenex.  As we would head to the bathroom to clean up that face of hers she would be smiling ear to ear with the look of victory.  Although Sunday's were a struggle during Sacrament nursery was great. She was not a shy girl and was so easy to drop off.  I would take her to nursery and as the other kids cried for their parents to stay Elyse was literally pushing me out the door saying "bye".  It was nice to know how much she adored her teachers and the other children in her class.  It was so fun to sit and watch her play in there.  Her favorite toy was the slide.  I miss those Sunday's!