Sunday, August 18, 2013

June 11, 2010

June 11, 2010 is one of my fondest memories with Elyse.  We did plenty of fun things together but for some reason in particular this day really sticks out.  The sun was shining and it was the perfect opportunity for us to spend time outside.  We put on our shoes, grabbed the chalk, and headed out the front door.  Elyse spent time drawing pictures on each piece of concrete and going back to previous drawings to add a little something here or there.  We watered the plants then Elyse hosed herself down.  She played silly games like putting the bowl on her head and chasing after the red ball.  It was not just a time that we played together but a time that I really got to see her silly yet creative side, a time that I will always remember. 

MMM...Otter Pops

Our family loves the warmth of summer time and we try to spend as much time as possible outside.  During those summer months after Elyse’s nap we would get our shoes on and head out to the freezer in the garage.  We’d grab an Otter Pop or two or three and head outside.  Elyse climbed up on the wooden bench sitting in the shade on our front porch as I sat beside her.  Her little legs swung back and forth as we sat there soaking up the sun eating our cold Otter Pops.  She caught on fairly fast as to how they worked only needing help pushing it up when getting towards the end.  She somehow managed not to make much of a mess although we would have some sticky hands and either head inside to clean up or play in the water spigot close by while scrubbing our hands.    

Wagon Rides

For Elyse’s 1st Birthday she received a red wagon from her Grandma Wilson.  Ben slowly spent time putting it together depending on the time he got off work.  It went from being a box to having wheels to finally having a seatbelt.  Although this did take about a week to complete Elyse did not mind and more than enjoyed sitting in it.  I have to admit I enjoyed it as well because I was then able to make dinner and do chores around the house as it soon became a play pen.  If you know Elyse it was sometimes difficult to buckle her in however she soon realized it was worth it.  Almost daily Elyse and I walked over to the church we lived by on Alpine and 72nd.  As I pulled her along in the wagon we arrived to the play set, it was not much but more than we had in our backyard.  She mostly enjoyed the tiny slide and we spent hours going down as well as taking rocks out of our shoes.  If Ben got home from work in time Elyse would get a special wagon ride in our backyard from dad before bed.  It was a superfast ride and sometimes a bit bumpy.  Elyse was adventurous and loved adrenaline as this was her rollercoaster.  As she grew a little older I began to imagine how fun it would be to have the other seat full one day with the inside of the seat filled with a picnic to bring along.  Now we take Addalyn on wagon rides and have to imagine Elyse sitting on the seat next to her as we know she is.