Friday, November 2, 2012


One of Elyse’s all-time favorite games was Hide and Seek.  She apparently could not get enough of this game deciding to play without my knowledge.   Silence was never good in our household.  If it was quiet Elyse was probably in something she wasn’t supposed to be in quite knowingly or she was playing hide and seek.  I remember the first time she hid from me…I got caught up in doing something or another and turned around to check on Elyse, she was not insight.  I listened waiting to hear some kind of noise whether it was a door, paper crinkling, or her little feet sliding across the floor.  Nothing.  I started walking around, “Elyse, Elyse?  Elyse where did you go?” while checking in each room.  No answer, no Elyse.  I began to panic a little scrambling to the doors wondering if she got out.  Doors were locked, she was inside somewhere.  Was she hurt?  I looked under the couches, in the kitchen/bathroom cupboards shouting her name “Elyse, Elyse”.  I checked everywhere.  Were all the windows shut?  Then something caught my eye as I was leaving the office.  The closet door was slightly opened and something seemed out of place.  I walked over pulling open the door and there was Elyse scrunched up in a ball near some boxes.  A feeling of such relief came over me as she peered up at me laughing.  She was laughing!  She thought this was funny all along and thought she had found the perfect hiding spot as she had.  I remember another time where she hid behind the office chair.  She was at just the right angle that I could not see her unless I got on the floor.  She found that time quite amusing as well.
Elyse’s other game of choice was Sardines with her Aunts.  We would turn out all the lights in the house leaving it pitch black.  The kind of black that you literally can’t see a thing, having to swing your arms in front of you hoping to not run into anything.  As one person hid we waited counting until the appropriate number to go on the search.  As soon as the last number was said Elyse was running down the hall on her own to find that person.  She was fearless; the dark meant nothing to her.  I still to this day do not understand how her eyes could adjust to the dark that quickly.  If you were the last one to find and hide with the original person you had to be the one to hide next turn.  When it became Elyse’s turn she had no problem finding a spot.  It usually was in my parent’s closet behind their clothes.  It was just about the cutest thing to have these two little feet sticking out being the only hint that she was there as she was quiet as a mouse!