Monday, April 23, 2012

Toys R Us

We used to have a toys r us credit card to get rewards. After spending so much we would get a $10 gift card in the mail. This worked great for us due to using the card for items we had to buy, such as bills, gas, food, ect. We could then get her free Christmas, Birthday, and Easter gifts because we never paid interest on the card. We ended up going there often due to all the cards we got. You can only guess who we would tow along with us….Elyse. She was very good about not touching everything. However, there was one isle in particular that caused us problems. Two words, MOTORED CARS. Saying she LOVED these is an understatement. Elyse was not a girl that liked to be held, she was independent and wanted to walk herself. We would allow her to walk because she was usually really good about listening to us. We have never seen her move so fast. Before we could blink she was inside one of the cars pretending to drive. She was not satisfied with driving one car, there was a desire in her to try every car. We would allow her to play in these for a little bit but when it was time to go it was nearly impossible to get her out. She would hold on tight while kicking and screaming. Elyse was a strong little girl you couldn’t let her smallness foul you. She was certainly full of muscle. Usually after being down that isle it was time to leave because she was willing to do anything to make it possible for her to run to the cars again. We never bought her one because we did not feel that she was at the appropriate age to drive one yet. I can only imagine the expression that would have been on her face if we had gotten one for her on her next birthday or Christmas.