Thursday, February 16, 2012


I know I have been lacking on keeping up with writing consistently here and that Christmas is long gone, but last year Elyse began to have nightmares after her run in with Santa. She was finally the perfect sleeper, being able to put herself to sleep and sleep for 12 straight hours. However she began to have these nightmares, at first we were not sure what they were about but it did not take long to figure out they had to do with Santa Clause. She would wake up throughout the night in horror. Ben and I would take turns laying on the floor within her line of vision. We would say, “Lay down Elyse, go to bed” and she would lay down. You could see those big, dark eyes staring at you in her darkened room making sure we weren’t going anywhere. Oh what I would give to go back to sleeping on the floor again! Her nightmares were starting to get a lot better right before she past away.

I took Elyse swimming after work one night. I was so excited to finally be able to take her (the YAC only allows children to go swimming when a lifeguard is on duty which is only about twice a week.) It was difficult to be able to take her because most of the time I would be working then. We finally got the opportunity to go and we headed downstairs to the ladies locker room to change. She was so happy, Elyse LOVED swimming! We walked out to the pool area and put our stuff in a corner. As we started to get into the pool she noticed a certain man and started to freak out. Just our luck a man that looked exactly like Santa was swimming at the YAC! She was terrified, especially as he started our way to get out of the swimming pool. Her eyes were glued on him until he was in the building and out of site. We had so much fun playing motor boat, having her float, and me moving her around in the water as she kicked her little legs. We swam for an hour so out of the pool we went since it was already past her bedtime. She kicked and screamed the whole way to the showers in the locker room. She was not done swimming! I gave her a quick shower before putting her clothes back on which entertained her somewhat. She was back at it kicking and screaming for more while we walked to the car. I promised her we would go back again as soon as we could. The next time we were going to be able to go was the day she passed away. I had the backpack packed of dinner and our swimsuits. Wish I could have gone swimming with her one more time, but I am very grateful for the memories I have of that evening.

I do not have any pictures of this moment but I do have pictures of her in her swimsuit at other times: