Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Halloween

With Halloween quickly arriving I have been spending A LOT of this month reminiscing on memories from last Halloween (and imagining what future ones will feel and be like). Before I jump ahead to last Halloween lets go back to Elyse’s first Halloween in 2009.

I had read through a parenting magazine and found a few cute homemade costumes, making me decide to try it out. Since Elyse had bonded so well with Muchacho (for those of you who do not know…my parents cat) I thought “How cute would it be for her to dress up like him and get some pictures of the two of them!?!?”. I have to admit I kind of skipped out on the whole “homemade costume” idea and bought a black dress, tights, and long sleeve shirt. The only homemade thing about her costume were the ears. We ended up spending most of that night in Ellensburg watching Aunt Lexus at a big swim meet. We drove home and in the driveway of our first house we got her all dressed up. We had just enough time to stop by and see all family members before we had to head home to get Elyse to bed.

Now last Halloween I decided not to kid myself with the homemade costume and instead find a cute ladybug outfit for her. Why ladybug you might ask. Not sure why, but for some reason I had it in my head that that is what she was going to be because she would just look so darn cute. And I have to say I was right! Once again that year on Halloween was a crazy time…we had just moved that week from one place to another and Ben and I were leaving at two in the morning to head to Seattle to catch a plane for Cancun, Mexico. We decided to have both our families together so we could spend more time with Elyse rather than in the car running from one place to another before we had to say goodbye for five days. We had a blast eating pizza, cake, and playing games.

Here she is so excited to be wearing her costume as we are headed to trunk or treat! When we tried it on a few days before hand to make sure it fit she loved it so much she did not want to take it off. Now for those of you who really knew Elyse would be surprised to see her wearing the antennas. For some reason I could not get her to wear a headband or bow for longer than .2 seconds but yet she enjoyed wearing the antennas and did not bother with them. Down below are two videos of Elyse from that night. Some of you may ask...did she have a little to much sugar? The answer is no. Lets be honest, first off she is her fathers child ;) secondly, she loved to make others laugh and she found that this did the trick so she repeated it over and over again just to hear the laughter and make everyone happy.