Thursday, September 1, 2011

A trip to the zoo

Going along with the subject of animals in the prior post, we went to the Seattle zoo last October. We headed up to Seattle in the morning and decided to make some breakfast for her to eat on the way up, in hopes of it entertaining her for at least part of the ride. It was not too long before she was done and came to the conclusion that dumping the rest out of the bowl and being silly was the better option. So although eating breakfast only occupied her for no more than 15 minutes on the other hand the bowl was able to keep her interest for a bit longer. Elyse loved to be silly and make others laugh, so the truth of it I think was that it was more for the entertainment of me rather than herself.

Of course sure enough it rained ALL weekend long…no surprise! But we made the most out of it and had a blast going to the zoo and to cousin Madison’s soccer game. One picture I missed getting and wish I would have thought to take was when we were looking through the glass, the water came up to about our waist and across the creek was a bear. Elyse was so excited to see the bear that close up, it was the kind of thing that can only be explained by picture…dang it.

Here are quite a few of the pictures…I think they are more fun than the reading part of this blog anyway!

Elyse and Daddy looking at the hippopotamus’

Elyse watching her cousin Madison feed the birds


Mommy and Elyse with the lions

Aunt Wendy, cousin Madison, and Elyse seeing the elephant


Grant and
Elyse at Madison's soccer game