Friday, August 19, 2011

Elyse definitely got her love for animals from her Daddy!

Elyse LOVED animals. It always made me a little nervous when Elyse would spot a dog and want to go pet it. I had to try to teach her that we could wave and say “hi dog” but we could not pet every dog. While we lived in the town homes by the church, but for a brief month, we had a neighbor with a dog. This dog was full grown and stood taller than Elyse, but she still loved it when we first moved in and took the wagon just around the pavement there. We spotted them just getting back from a walk, she was so excited when they came over and she got to pet and say “hi” to the dog, but I think it made her a little nervous when the dog licked her hand! My favorite is when she would spot a dog and look at me with such joy and excitement in her eyes, and exclaimed "dog dog!" She would always call dogs/puppies "dog dog".

Her love for animals did not stop there. She loved the little kittens at Permann’s house, not to mention one of her favorite friends was muchacho the cat. She would constantly call out for him, “kitty, kitty” and it did not take long for us to find him. The friendship went both ways. He loved her just as much and would continually come to her even though he knew she would most likely pull his tail or sit on him. However I must say as she got older she got a lot better, but once in awhile she would not see where she was going and step on his tail. One time we went to visit grandma and grandpa Turner and as we were walking up to the door we saw muchacho playing
with a mouse. He was throwing it in the air with his paws and jumping all around. Elyse did not realize exactly what was going on but she noticed he was having lots of fun. She shouted in excitement for her friend, “GO, GO, GO, GO….”.

I cannot get the sound to work right on this site, but the video is still fun to watch!

We went to the fair in October 2010 with Elyse and stopped by the barns to see all the animals. She enjoyed seeing and petting some of the horses. Of course, me not being to fond of animals and their messes, I was constantly wiping her hands with baby wipes then smothering them with hand sanitizer.