Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Gardening

Ben is very much into gardening. When living at our house on Alpine he enjoyed being able to plant tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkins, raspberries, watermelon, corn, onions and several others. Elyse took after her daddy in this area. It began her first summer, he would take her outside everyday after work to check on the plants and pick the vegetables. He would explain to her what they were doing and how excited he was for her to grow up and be able to help him out.

The next summer she was running all around and getting into everything. We all planted the gardens together...or should I say Ben and I planted while Elyse played in the dirt and even tried to taste the dirt a few times. She loved when dad would get home from work for she knew what that meant. She would be so excited to get her shoes so she could go check the garden with dad. They would go outside and soon enough she would be running back in to grab a bowl. She loved to be able to fill it up with the vegetables (whether they were ready or not), of course the raspberry's never made it in the house. Her and Ben would sit outside and eat them together. As Ben says...he usually only got a couple because she would keep him busy picking them while she grabbed them and piled them in her mouth. Elyse loved to be like her dad. Several times we would be outside playing around when it was nice and cool out and he would pop a few tomatoes in his mouth. She then would run over and also pick one and pop it into her mouth. Elyse was like me and never liked tomatoes, but if her dad did it she had to try it. So she would endlessly pick a tomato put it in her mouth, take it back out, and throw it into the garden in disgust. I don't know if she thought the taste would change or if she was just enjoying being like dad. At one point she decided to just pick them and throw them in her wagon, but Ben told her if she picked them she had to eat them. That night her papa drove by and saw us out on the bench. He stopped by and she knew how to get rid of the tomatoes she had picked that her dad told her to eat. She ran over grabbed one out of her wagon and popped it into her papa's mouth. Her poor papa ate A LOT of tomatoes that night just so she could keep picking them.