Friday, May 27, 2011

Elyse's True Story

As I began thinking of starting this blog, I was feeling very uneasy for writing is not my strong point. I feel as though I struggle to portray my thoughts and feelings on paper in a way that people can truly understand. However, the last few days I have finally started to pick up books about grieving and have been flying through them. Many of them have all mentioned toward the end that they started websites in memory of their children and how helpful they have been. So, I guess my doing this is in hopes of being able to share Elyse’s life with others, as well as maybe having it be some what therapeutic for me. I believe that Elyse was not just sent here to receive a body. Although yes that is the main purpose, but she was here to touch lives and to teach us. How blessed we are that Heavenly Father entrusted us with such a righteous being. We could not be more proud of Elyse. We are so proud that she was so righteous in the previous life that she was able to escape the evil’s of this world. We know that she has changed lives here on this earth and we know she is changing lives still, both on this earth and in the next life. We could not feel any luckier as parents to have Elyse as our daughter. Although we miss her more than words can say and there will always be a gaping hole in our hearts as long as we are on this earth, we are so grateful for the knowledge that we have to one day reunite with her. We are so looking forward to that beautiful day when we can wrap our arms around her again.

As I have been hooked on looking at others blogs that have been going through something similar, I have noticed something many of them have in common. They tell of what happened to them all and call it their child’s story. I have put a lot of thought into this and have decided that although this is a story of what happened to Elyse it is not Elyse’s story. I believe Elyse’s story is so much more. I believe Elyse’s story tells of her life on this earth. I believe that her story tells of love, compassion, service, faith, religion, a zest for life, silliness, and so much more. So as I have this blog in memory of Elyse, I will slowly tell stories of her life that have been fun and have taught us so much.

So although what happened to us all is a story to be told…
Here is Elyse’s True Story….

Elyse was always so motherly, it came naturally to her. I worked in the kid’s club at the YAC and had the opportunity to bring her to work with me. She was the little greeter that would run right over whenever someone came through that door. She would say “hi” with a big smile on her face and give them a big welcome hug, or a pat on the back. She would want to help them take their coat off and hang it up for them. She was such a big helper. Now, when those little babies came through that door nobody had better get in her way. She was on a mission. She would want the hand sanitizer to put on so she could then hold the babies. She would rock them in her arms and sing them a little song. She enjoyed putting the pacifier in their mouth or getting them a toy if that did not work. She naturally knew what the baby needed and how to help. There was one little baby boy in particular that came a few times a week that she was very fond of. She took such good care of this baby and was very gentle. She loved to give this baby hugs and kisses on the forehead and check (thank goodness this babies mom thought it was cute, because it was hard to teach Elyse that we could not kiss the baby). Seeing her reactions to all the children/babies that came in daily I knew that she would be the best big sister there could be.

On the day of her passing we were so lucky to have gone in that morning to have an ultrasound of baby #2. She woke up that morning saying “baby, baby” pointing to me. She knew that we were going to see baby that day. As I handed her the picture of the ultrasound, she was such a proud sister already, she ran over to Ben as fast as her little legs could carry her and held up the picture and pointed right to the little dot saying “baby”. This is such a fun little memory to have of her. We could not believe that she knew where to point on that picture and that it was actually a baby. We did not tell her much thinking she would not understand very well, but how wrong we were. She understood a lot more than we knew.

A few days before this we had made a onesie for her to wear over to both grandma and grandpa’s houses. That is how we were planning to tell our families that we were expecting another little one. However, we did not get the opportunity to break the news this way.

Here are a few pictures that I took on my phone at work:
The yellow glasses are the glasses that are used for Mr. Potato head, and the orange goggles she wore when playing with some plastic tools(probably trying to be like grandpa Turner).